Weird weight loss diet plans

We’ve all read a little on how to lose weight, and most of us will have taken part in many weird and wonderful diet programs. But here are some weight loss plans that I’d bet you’ve never thought of.

Imaginary Gastric Band

If you are looking to have bariatric surgery in the form of a Gastric Band after reading this you might think the risk isn’t worth it and an imaginary Gastric Band is the way forward. For toughs of you that have no idea what a Gastric Band is, it is a restrictive band placed around your stomach to give the feel of a full stomach and the idea behind an imaginary band is to do the same but via hypnosis

Marion Corns spent £780 on a weight loss therapist to put her in a trance and convince her that she had had the surgery. To everyone’s surprise Marion has dropped from a size 22 to 14 in four months. Proofing you don’t have to go under the knife to get a Gastric Band.


Tongue Patch

Californian surgeon Nikolas Chugay has invented one of the most punishing weight loss plans I’ve ever seen. You can see, smell and teste all your favourite foods, but with the stitching of a small mesh patch on the back of your tongue it is painful to eat.

Doctor Chugay calls this method a pattern interrupt and forces patient’s to consume a low calorie liquid diet. On average the plastic surgeons patient’s loss 20 pounds in a one month period.


Urine Injections

That’s disgusting I hear you say, and I agree. But Sheryl Paloni lost a crazy 43 pounds in just 5 months having a daily injection of urine from pregnant women.

A weight loss counsellor that preforms this diet program said it’s not the urine as such, but the hormones within it. It tricks the body into thinking it is pregnant and therefore speeds up the body’s metabolism.


High Altitude

Scientist are always coming up with crazy experiments, and one where they wanted to see if patients could eat as much as they wanted while doing next to no exercise and still lose weight looked to be a failure before it even started. But surprisingly it worked, and even seemed to have a long term effect.

The trick? Altitude. Scientists arranged for 20 patients to spend a week at 8,700 feet above sea level, where they were instructed to eat as much as they wished and to do no exercise other than gentle walks. The result was a loss on average of 3 pounds, of which 2 pounds stayed off on returning to normal altitude. The reason behind this is a spike in metabolic rates that stayed high even after the week’s trip.


Bite Counter gadget

For most people that are overweight snacking is there biggest enemy. While watching TV or talking to friends it’s so easy to get distracted and finish off a bag of crisps or bar of chocolate without even realising it. Now with the help of a Bite Counter this shouldn’t be a problem, wearing it as one would a watch; the device monitors how many mouthfuls you’re having. How it works I’m not really sure, but the developers say is tracks a pattern of wrist-roll movements. Well they are the scientists so who am I to argue with that.



No more fad diets or a gastric band, the latest idea in the war on obesity is fat burning paintball lessons. During a session of paintball a participant is expected to burn up to 1000 calories. So to cash in on the ever growing list of weight loss programs for man and women a paintball firm has announced it will be offering paintball fitness classes.
During this fitness/weight loss class participants will have to run an assault course while staff at the paintballing centre fire paintballs at them. If you wish to lose weight in this manner then a ten week course will set you back £199.



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