Online dating profile fails

Thinking of online dating? what’s your thoughts? then here it is from the heart.

What ever the circumstances that brings us to the moment where we find ourselves initiating a profile for an online dating site, it’s purely based on the fact that we’d like to find someone to share our lives with.

Have we gotten too busy for romance and see the trending multiple online dating sites, as a genie in a lamp? Ideally we could romanticise that the person we are looking for is buried behind a few clicks on our computer, whilst scrolling potential profiles for our ideal mate.

Could you recognize your future husband/wife baby-father/mother and home-maker? well many people think so, as there are abundance of online dating sites, enough to keep us busy in a full time occupation.

Some dating sites claim to profile match you, by the use of a questionnaire in order to find those that are compatible with you. Providing that you do ride horses on the weekend and have a placid temper, whose telling the truth? profiling does not eliminate the type that you would not ever, want to meet.

Oh good, a man that likes to put his hand in his pocket. Wrong. Flash the cash man.

Having said that dating sites are very popular, gone are the days when sites for online singles are thought of as deperado’s or for the left behind and unwanted. We tend to conduct all our business and it seems, matters of the heart too, via technology. Easily at hand, spontaneous, either during working hours or at play. We can check our inbox’s for the excitement and thrill of a response, posted to our online profile, of someone of interest! its another form of butterflies in the tummy, a modern love story. Fact is, we could be doing anything and love can surprise us with a message, and that’s the beauty of it.

Dating sites themselves, seem to have even adopted a personality of their own, especially in there appeal to encourage users to upload a profile. We have The serious looking dating site, very clinical, cool blue in colour, but this looks like it intends to match, meet and marry before you can you can upload a photo. Then, there is the friend with benefits type sites, seductive soft colours, classy looking, photoshoped photos or brash photos of individuals looking like they are either in a toothpaste advert or auditioning for Victoria secret. All is missing is a advert for safe sex.

And then there is the, I am only here for a joke type site, (but of course they are not) expect to see bright colours, happy go lucky photos, a trendy obscure user name, no real audience target, inclusive for all singletons in its appeal to join, making it easier and broader in our quest for love. Just so we are not too embarrassed about signing into this dating site. The encouraging words of thousands in your area, instils more of a sense of belonging, with like minded people who are real and just like you.

A trendy obscure user name?
Dating profile username

To my mind, I think if you can fall in love once in this lifetime, then its more than most of us get to do. So I am not going to shamefully plug an online dating site for you to troll, but only want to wish you many happy beginnings in your search! and show you a list of profile fails so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Nice carpet…….. on the wall
Online dating profile

Only 8% enemies with that summary
Dating online summary


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