New Year’s Eve party ideas

Have fun with your ideas when planning for your guests. A choice of creative ways made simply for fun times or a more enjoyable night!

10 Champagne Glasses

Name and number your champagne flutes for your guests, and individually drink in turn as the countdown begins, drinking responsibly of course!

Glitter Glasses

Bling, glitter and glam your glasses. If they have seen better days add a touch of sparkle to your night!  Your efforts won’t go unnoticed!

Numbered Balloons

Number some balloons and pop them for the countdown! Sure way to party with a BANG!

Full trash can

The trash ergh! SORTED – line your bin with 4 liners. When full, a liner is there already for your garbage, no need to take yourself away from the party.

Shot Glasses

Gotta drink these real quick or its gonna get messy (shot glasses made of ice)

Food and Water Glasses

When catering for your quests order what you think will be enough and then some more, 20% more

Drive Safely

Drive safe and have fun , fun, fun!

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