How I Miss My Little Australian Thief (Guest Post)

Whenever I see one of the “Chipmunks” movies, I think about “The Thief”. You might be wondering who The Thief is and what’s she got to do with any of the movies. Well, I’m going to tell you gladly, as I happen to simply  love to talk about her.

How I Miss My Little Australian Thief (Guest Post)

For a period of six months I lived in Canada and I stayed in an apartment on the ground floor of a two-floor building. You can imagine that I was thrilled to see a lot of green grass, where many animals played freely, feeling safe just as they were in their natural environment. For example, I was able to see hares, playing around the shopping mall, young healthy geese crossing the street to go to their nests that were outside the stores, lots of skunks and squirrels. I saw them goofing around a lot and I must confess that I was able to take some amazing photos of them. Some of the funniest pics on my blog are with these cute animals.

Moreover, the trees behind my building were home to a bunch of hilarious squirrels. I’m pretty sure that they are one of the funniest animals in the whole world. You can’t avoid smiling every time you see they tiny cute face. As you can imagine, The Thief was one of them. I gave her this name, as she always came to our door, showing her looked paws and her sad eyes. If you saw her, you could tell that she wanted something from you. Well, I always gave her food. Acctually, I used to buy peanuts in shall just for her. And it was a real delight to see her eating them!

The thing is that, one morning, my mother was in the bathroom and I was in the bedroom, getting ready for school. The Thief broke with her paws and teeth the strong mesh from the balcony door and entered the living room, looking for food. I saw her, but I was very quite and I tried to make as little noise as possible, as I didn’t want to scare her. But when my mother came out of the bathroom and saw something moving through our living room, got really scared and started screaming, forcing the little Thief to run for her safety. I laughed for at least five minutes and that funny incident made my day a lot brighter!

Nowadays, when I think about her I get quite nostalgic. I sure would like to see her little slick face again!


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