Hot Tennis Player Alize Lim

Alize Lim is a 23-year-old French player who is still struggling to become as known for her game as she is for her looks. That won’t be easy unless she starts improving upon her unimpressive performances over the last few years. The 5’8 Parisian has gone 1-4 in her five qualifying matches for Grand Slam events. Her best performance of the bunch came when she managed to advance to the second qualifying round for the French Open last season.

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Off the court, Lim has posed for some rather suggestive photos. One of them showed her floating on her back in a bikini surrounded by dozens of tennis balls. Another demonstrated her flexibility with a carefully placed racket.

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Last year, she got into a bit of a spat with Maria Sharapova on Twitter when Sharapova admitted to not knowing who Benoit Paire or Jeremy Chardy (Alize Lim’s boyfriend) were. Alize responded with a screen shot of the world rankings, which showed both of those French players ranked ahead of Sharapova’s boyfriend, Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov. That was a pretty bold move given that the three men were ranked 26, 27, and 28 at the time while Lim herself has never risen above #156 in the world.

Off the court, Lim seems no different than most other women her age. In her free time, she enjoys shopping, photography, and watching TV. Hopefully, then, she doesn’t mind catching the full Grand Slam tournaments from home.

Hot Alize Lim considers the tournament at Bastad her favorite, likely because it was her first WTA main draw. She did meet with some success on the ITF Circuit, though. In 2010 she won two tournaments, one in Le Gosier and another in Tampere, Finland. She also made the finals in five others, including one in Sao Jose dos Campos in Brazil. Lim has had considerably more success in ITF doubles play, though, where she has won three of the nine finals that she’s made.

Having earned just $122,887 in her three years since turning pro, one can’t help but wonder how much longer Lim will manage to stay on the professional circuit. All of that travel isn’t cheap, and she has done precious little to suggest that she can compete with the best in the game. Fortunately for her, though, this Parisian has looks that have the potential to take her much further in life than her game appears able to do.


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