10 Celebrity before and after dental work!

10 Celebrity before and after dental work pictures! lol The benefits of dental work has enhanced the smiles of some of these Celebs, but have you noticed that they also have this cloned veneer smile in common, now that’s really cheesy!?

needs, dental, work

Dental make over has been kind to her

bright white

This guy has it all

smile YOLO

Holding back some years with these teeth

polished look
Nice job Tom. This rough stone polished to a diamond.

gotta love nic

Polished smile with veneers and brightener.

dracula teeth

WOW! this guy has some issues

Sticky-vicky,hollywood baby

Is she smiling ? lol Victoria B bought into the Hollywood smile and lifestyle.


British teeth celebrity style !

mindthegap, cheeky smile

Dental make over minus a gap ! girls love his cheeky smile.

teeth,dental work,smiles

50 cent ! bright white and veneers. Job done. Looking good bro!


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