Online dating profile fails

Thinking of online dating? what’s your thoughts? then here it is from the heart.

What ever the circumstances that brings us to the moment where we find ourselves initiating a profile for an online dating site, it’s purely based on the fact that we’d like to find someone to share our lives with.

Have we gotten too busy for romance and see the trending multiple online dating sites, as a genie in a lamp? Ideally we could romanticise that the person we are looking for is buried behind a few clicks on our computer, whilst scrolling potential profiles for our ideal mate.

Could you recognize your future husband/wife baby-father/mother and home-maker? well many people think so, as there are abundance of online dating sites, enough to keep us busy in a full time occupation.

Some dating sites claim to profile match you, by the use of a questionnaire in order to find those that are compatible with you. Providing that you do ride horses on the weekend and have a placid temper, whose telling the truth? profiling does not eliminate the type that you would not ever, want to meet.

Oh good, a man that likes to put his hand in his pocket. Wrong. Flash the cash man.

Having said that dating sites are very popular, gone are the days when sites for online singles are thought of as deperado’s or for the left behind and unwanted. We tend to conduct all our business and it seems, matters of the heart too, via technology. Easily at hand, spontaneous, either during working hours or at play. We can check our inbox’s for the excitement and thrill of a response, posted to our online profile, of someone of interest! its another form of butterflies in the tummy, a modern love story. Fact is, we could be doing anything and love can surprise us with a message, and that’s the beauty of it.

Dating sites themselves, seem to have even adopted a personality of their own, especially in there appeal to encourage users to upload a profile. We have The serious looking dating site, very clinical, cool blue in colour, but this looks like it intends to match, meet and marry before you can you can upload a photo. Then, there is the friend with benefits type sites, seductive soft colours, classy looking, photoshoped photos or brash photos of individuals looking like they are either in a toothpaste advert or auditioning for Victoria secret. All is missing is a advert for safe sex.

And then there is the, I am only here for a joke type site, (but of course they are not) expect to see bright colours, happy go lucky photos, a trendy obscure user name, no real audience target, inclusive for all singletons in its appeal to join, making it easier and broader in our quest for love. Just so we are not too embarrassed about signing into this dating site. The encouraging words of thousands in your area, instils more of a sense of belonging, with like minded people who are real and just like you.

A trendy obscure user name?
Dating profile username

To my mind, I think if you can fall in love once in this lifetime, then its more than most of us get to do. So I am not going to shamefully plug an online dating site for you to troll, but only want to wish you many happy beginnings in your search! and show you a list of profile fails so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Nice carpet…….. on the wall
Online dating profile

Only 8% enemies with that summary
Dating online summary

Boob Twerk Off !

Girls are getting competitive with the twerking culture. Much to our disgust :) Let the nations twerk it out !

Weird weight loss diet plans

We’ve all read a little on how to lose weight, and most of us will have taken part in many weird and wonderful diet programs. But here are some weight loss plans that I’d bet you’ve never thought of.

Imaginary Gastric Band

If you are looking to have bariatric surgery in the form of a Gastric Band after reading this you might think the risk isn’t worth it and an imaginary Gastric Band is the way forward. For toughs of you that have no idea what a Gastric Band is, it is a restrictive band placed around your stomach to give the feel of a full stomach and the idea behind an imaginary band is to do the same but via hypnosis

Marion Corns spent £780 on a weight loss therapist to put her in a trance and convince her that she had had the surgery. To everyone’s surprise Marion has dropped from a size 22 to 14 in four months. Proofing you don’t have to go under the knife to get a Gastric Band.


Tongue Patch

Californian surgeon Nikolas Chugay has invented one of the most punishing weight loss plans I’ve ever seen. You can see, smell and teste all your favourite foods, but with the stitching of a small mesh patch on the back of your tongue it is painful to eat.

Doctor Chugay calls this method a pattern interrupt and forces patient’s to consume a low calorie liquid diet. On average the plastic surgeons patient’s loss 20 pounds in a one month period.


Urine Injections

That’s disgusting I hear you say, and I agree. But Sheryl Paloni lost a crazy 43 pounds in just 5 months having a daily injection of urine from pregnant women.

A weight loss counsellor that preforms this diet program said it’s not the urine as such, but the hormones within it. It tricks the body into thinking it is pregnant and therefore speeds up the body’s metabolism.


High Altitude

Scientist are always coming up with crazy experiments, and one where they wanted to see if patients could eat as much as they wanted while doing next to no exercise and still lose weight looked to be a failure before it even started. But surprisingly it worked, and even seemed to have a long term effect.

The trick? Altitude. Scientists arranged for 20 patients to spend a week at 8,700 feet above sea level, where they were instructed to eat as much as they wished and to do no exercise other than gentle walks. The result was a loss on average of 3 pounds, of which 2 pounds stayed off on returning to normal altitude. The reason behind this is a spike in metabolic rates that stayed high even after the week’s trip.


Bite Counter gadget

For most people that are overweight snacking is there biggest enemy. While watching TV or talking to friends it’s so easy to get distracted and finish off a bag of crisps or bar of chocolate without even realising it. Now with the help of a Bite Counter this shouldn’t be a problem, wearing it as one would a watch; the device monitors how many mouthfuls you’re having. How it works I’m not really sure, but the developers say is tracks a pattern of wrist-roll movements. Well they are the scientists so who am I to argue with that.



No more fad diets or a gastric band, the latest idea in the war on obesity is fat burning paintball lessons. During a session of paintball a participant is expected to burn up to 1000 calories. So to cash in on the ever growing list of weight loss programs for man and women a paintball firm has announced it will be offering paintball fitness classes.
During this fitness/weight loss class participants will have to run an assault course while staff at the paintballing centre fire paintballs at them. If you wish to lose weight in this manner then a ten week course will set you back £199.



Iggy Azalea Booty

We have all got used to celebrities with big butts of late, but one of the most striking is Iggy Azalea. She is tall and super skinny which makes a massive bum stand out all the more.

The question is, is her perk buttocks a gift from Mother Nature or well crafty bum implants? Have a look for yourself with a selection of Iggy Azalea booty pictures.

Iggy Bottom Iggy Nice Arse Iggy Azalea Booty Azalia Bum Iggy Shaking Butt Iggy Booty Iggy Azalea Ass Iggy Azalea Bum Iggy Azalea Naked Butt Iggy Azalea

Mens Platform Shoes

Men’s platform shoes are something most people will associate with the 1970’s or think they should be worn as part of a costume. But there are others that think they still look trendy even today and there has been a bit of a resurgence in their popularity.

Today it is not uncommon to see platform boots on heavy metal stars or Goths but now even the trendy hipsters are starting to wear them. Take a look at these classic men’s platform shoes and tell us what you think. Do they look cheap and cheesy or retro chic?

Retro Platform Shoes

cool mens platform shoes

smart platform shoes

mens platform sneaker

classic platform shoes

man in platfrom boots

platform shoes 1970s


Qatar World Cup 2022 stadiums

We all loved seeing the beautiful new and renovated stadiums of the Brazil 2014 World Cup, but with it now coming to an end it is time to look forward to future World Cups. Stadiums are always a massive talking point, will they be finished in time or how well as has the architect done, so let’s look at the concepts Qatar has come up with for the 2022 World Cup.

Sports City stadium


Lusail Iconic Stadium


Umm Slal Stadium


Doha Port Stadium



Qatar University Stadium


Al-Khor Stadium


Al-Gharafa Stadium


Al-Rayyan Stadium


Al-Shamal Stadium


Al-Wakrah Stadium



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Memorable TV auditions

TV talent shows have been the making of many celebrates around the world, from dancing, singing and comedy there is now a show for ordinary people to showcase their skills. Many of these shows now have auditions stages where we, the general public, get to see them in all their glory or their spectacular failure. In face these audition stages of the program are normal more entertaining than the later rounds as there is always the element of surprise. Here are some of the more rememberable auditions from our favourite television shows across the world.

9 year old Malaki brings everyone to tears on Britain’s Got Talent

In Italy’s The Voice a Nun shocks the judges

Shock song choice of Willie Jones on the American X Factor

Jai Waetford defying his years on the Australian x-factor

The biggest surprise of them all – Susan Boyle

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Creative Advertising

With most of us becoming blind to most forms of advertising these companies have gone the extra mile to make sure they grab our attention.














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