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Online dating profile fails

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Thinking of online dating? what's your thoughts? then here it is from the heart. What ever the circumstances that brings us to the moment where we find ourselves initiating a profile for an online dating site, it's purely based on the ...

Iggy Azalea Booty

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We have all got used to celebrities with big butts of late, but one of the most striking is Iggy Azalea. She is tall and super skinny which makes a massive bum stand out all the more. The question is, is ...

Mens Platform Shoes

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Men’s platform shoes are something most people will associate with the 1970’s or think they should be worn as part of a costume. But there are others that think they still look trendy even today and there has been a ...

Memorable TV auditions

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TV talent shows have been the making of many celebrates around the world, from dancing, singing and comedy there is now a show for ordinary people to showcase their skills. Many of these shows now have auditions stages where we, ...

Nailed it

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Many of us believe we have an artistic flare or the ability to pull off a cool look that many others fail at. Here is a selection of people that have well and truly nailed it in this respect.

Sexy Nature

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Is it me that has a dirty mind or is there more to these pictures than meets the eye? Gushing river Deep into the unknown Ready to open and show its flower How's it hanging From tiny acorns grows massive trees Looks like a bubble, but ...

Desktop Gadgets

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What to personalise your office desk and stand out from the crowd? Then look no further than these excellent office deck accessories. All these items will make excellent gifts for work mates but I can’t help think I want them ...
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